A quick reminder: Our documentary FINAL JUDGMENT is airing on the Investigation Discovery television network at 10pm instant. Needless to say, we’re happy about the news.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has named FINAL JUDGMENT as one of their’ critic’s picks and there’s also a great review over at the New Haven Register:

“Final Judgment” tells the tragic story of Risa Bejarano, who was brutally slain by a young gang member in Southern California.

Bejarano was gunned down execution-style just a short time after her own story of neglect, foster care and perseverance was told in a TV documentary we previewed here, called “Aging Out.”

She was turning her life around but made the fatal mistake of befriending a young gang member, Juan Chavez, who came from his own culture of poverty, neglect and violence.

After killing two people for “dissing” him and his gang, Chavez pumped Bejarano full of bullets days later because she was the one person who could tie him to the slayings.


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